Our Vision

Modeled after the traditional casa de cultura institutions that have stimulated civic, cultural and artistic life in Europe and the Americas since the middle of the 20th century, CASA JOHNSON ARABITG is part language school, nomadic arts venue, resource center, and networking hub for artists and community members.

CASA is founded on the belief that individuals and societies lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives when they have a dedicated place to meet as arts enthusiasts, advocates, creators, and makers.

Both in real and virtual spaces, CASA will serve Detroiters as one of their own casas de cultura. We aim to cultivate a breeding ground where residents and visitors can grow both as aficionados and active participants at events that encompass an eclectic array of cultures, languages, disciplines and tastes. From foreign language courses, art exhibits, dance and music performances, film screenings, lectures and literary readings, CASA will foster and maintain a diverse, inclusive home for all Detroiters interested in making arts and culture a more central part of their lives.

At CASA JOHNSON ARABITG, we realize that a robust civic, cultural, and artistic life has been as much a part of Detroit’s history as the automobile industry, and alongside old and new Detroiters, we aim to co-author the next chapter of that legacy on into the 21st century.