Meet the Team

Arturo & Presh
Co-founders & Directors

A globetrotting duo with a thirst for adventure, we’ve lived and traveled across the US and around the world – and today, we’re proud to call Detroit home. As life would have it, CASA was conceived while we were performing Piñera on stage in Mexico; dancing tango on rooftops in Argentina; devouring duck confit at midnight in Paris; and unexpectedly reveling in the exuberant energy of a New Orleans second line smack in the middle of The Mission. We’re unrepentant disciples of Pedro Juan Gutiérrez and Joan Mitchell, acolytes of Foucault and de Beauvoir, and devotees of Nina Simone and Machito (and Bob Fosse), and we feed our insatiable curiosity with good music, good books, good people and, of course, good food.

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