It Takes You to Tango: Upcoming Marathons & Festivals

Yes, your furnace may still be on (damn this weather!) but, baby, it’s officially Spring (and almost Summer) which means tango festival season’s in full swing.  Here are a few enviable opportunities to meet new dancers, improve technique at useful workshops, and, of course, share mirth, merriment and heartbeats with other tangueros on the pista.

L.A. Tango Marathon
May 25 – 29, 2017

Just two weeks away. Tango in the City of Angels. Don’t fight it: the sand, ocean and sun are calling your first, middle, and last names. Kicking off “The Endless Summer” season, we can’t wait to drool over dancers from all coasts, do some irresponsible sunbathing and find the best chorizo and tequila in town. Come and play!


2017 Louisville Tango Festival
June 2 – 4, 2017

The Louisville Tango Festival features “three days of milongas, workshops, and special tango events with world-class instructors.” As a side note, “The Old Fashioned” was recently proclaimed Louisville’s official cocktail, so go get your drink and dance on, especially since Cuarteto Tanguero will be jamming out!


13th Annual Toronto Tango Festival
June 8 – 11, 2017

Four days of prácticas, milongas, workshops for all levels, performances and more – in Toronto, one of the most kick-ass North American cities. Oh, and add a Two-Day Tango Immersion for newbies plus Maurizio Ghella and Martin Maldonado. Need we say more?


Chicago Tango Week
June 30 – July 4, 2017

Alas, organizers of the Chicago Tango Week will host the 10th & Final Edition of the marathon leading up to the Independence Day weekend. This festival almost coincides with the very popular Taste of Chicago food festival, and of course, plenty of other shenanigans to do in the Windy City if you can brave the trek from O’Hare to the Mag Mile. My advice? Take the El. You’re welcome.


Nora’s Tango Weekend 2017
June 30 – July 4, 2017

One of the longest running tango festivals in the US, this Summer, Nora’s Tango Week celebrates 20 years of sacándole la viruta al piso (tearing up the dance floor, milonguero style). Five days of milongas, workshops, solid music, and absurdly talented maestros and dancers from all over.


Toronto Tango Experience 2017
August 24 – 27, 2017

ABSOLUTELY. NOT. TO. BE. MISSED.  4 days of milongas, prácticas, workshops and some of the best damned music ever put on wax. Not only will their Royal Highnesses Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado teach, but Carlitos will also honor dancers with some DJing during the festival. Moreover, the beloved, the tenacious, the elegant Clevelanders Alberto Ramos (El Padrino) and Micaela Barrett (La Chispa) are teaching an intensive beginner’s workshop to get hungry new tangueros up to speed.  You’ll also go completely gaga over Edwin Espinosa and Alexa Yepes of Colombia!


Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon
September 22 – 24, 2017

Last year, we probed a friend on the Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon, since combining tango and bowling would have never occurred to us, and we wanted to know more about the genius behind the idea.  “Oh, man,” he replied with a knowing smile. “It’s just zany. Anything could happen.”  It’s been going strong for six years, it’s very affordable, and best of all Cachivache Quintento will be cranking some mad beats!



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