Spanish Classes + Meet-Ups

¡Hola! Summer Semester enrollment is now open.  Brush up on your Spanish for that study abroad trip, neighborhood block party or vacation to Latin America.

CASA offers a variety of Spanish classes in Detroit and via Skype for students on the go. Fees are straightforward – just choose the group or private class you prefer. Contact us at (313) 444-3677 to sign up, get a free assessment of your level, or take a trial class for only $15.


Spanish Meet-Up Groups

Gain fluency through real-life conversations facilitated by a native Spanish speaker with 20 years of teaching experience. Come join our Saturday Spanish conversation workshop for beginner students, where we emphasize speaking, comprehension, pronunciation, appropriate verb usage and conjugation, expanding vocabulary, and generally improving your level of comfort speaking Spanish. This meet-up is free for current CASA students.

Private and Semi-Private Classes

Whether you’re a pure beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced-level speaker, this class will help you to develop conversation, listening comprehension, and reading and writing skills needed to speak and understand Spanish wherever life takes you.

Want to brush up on your Spanish for that dream trip to Spain or Latin America? Or maybe you’re starting from zero and your phrase book isn’t enough. This class is for you if you want to interact with the locals in their language at least at a basic level– whether ordering food at a restaurant, asking for directions, striking up a conversation with an interesting stranger, or (let’s face it) getting out of a bind!

If you have a Hispanic or Latino background and grew up listening to tío or abuela speak Spanish, but lack the practice (and confidence) to speak the language yourself, our Heritage Speakers’ Workshop sessions are your best bet. Or maybe you’re close to fluency but not quite there yet. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to enroll, refresh and awaken all the Spanish inside you that’s just waiting for the right setting and guidance to flower. Bring out that part of yourself the world is dying to know!

Are you a lawyer, social worker, intake specialist, or case manager? This Spanish course is devoted to all professionals who interact with Spanish-speaking and Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients in legal and social work environments. You’ll gain an indispensable ability to address your clients’ specific needs and effectively communicate the language beyond requirements of general social interaction. Recommended only for intermediate and advanced level students, and for those who work alongside Legal/Social Services Interpreters in their respective work settings.

For doctors, nurses, office staff, and all medical professionals who interact with Spanish-speaking/Limited-English Proficient (LEP) patients and their loved ones, this class helps students develop the vocabulary, conversational ability and personal touch that make patient care more effective and rewarding. Recommended only for intermediate and advanced level students and for those who work alongside trained Medical Interpreters in their respective clinical settings.

Is Spanish your major? Or do you just need a reliable and knowledgeable tutor to help you to digest what’s going on in the Spanish class you’re taking to fulfill your foreign language requirement? Or maybe you need a hand to help you prepare for (and pass!) that daunting oral exam. Take tailored CASA tutoring sessions that adapt to your schedule, your learning style, and your academic requirements.

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