Argentine Tango 102: 4-Week Fundamentals Series


Tango Fundamentals 102: Saturdays 8/26/17 to 9/16/17 3:30pm-4:30pm @ El Arrabal Tango Club

Whether you’re returning from our Tango 101 group class, or feel you need to review, practice and polish basics you’ve learned somewhere else, our Fundamentals 102 group is the perfect next step. Bring the fundamentals you’ve learned, build on them, and take them to the next level of complexity and polish. Advance without skimping on core concepts like the walk, the embrace, musicality and the connection. No fancy, complicated moves yet… only what you need to do them right.☺

  • No partner required
  • Only appropriate for intermediate Argentine Tango dancers and beginners with some study and experience under their belts
  • $45 per student for the entire 4-week shebang
  • $13.75 one-session drop-ins
  • Free practice session(s) included (Sundays 1:30pm-4:00pm)

“A trabajar! No hay vacaciones!” –Oscar Mandagarán


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