12-Week Beginners’ Spanish Conversation III


12-Week Beginners’ Spanish Conversation¬†III

Prerequisite: Lead Teacher approval or Beginners’ Spanish Conversation II

See course description below


If you have not completed our BSC II 12-week course, please contact us before enrolling for a free assessment of your level.

¬°Felicitaciones! If you didn’t stop after Beginners’ Spanish Conversation I, you definitely don’t want to now! Things are about to get even more interesting in BSC III.

First, as always, we’ll be reviewing and practicing conversation with what you know (or are still a little iffy on) from levels I and II. This way, you won’t forget the stuff you’ll need to build on in level III and beyond…

But what new is in store in BSC III, you ask?

Well, here are some highlights:

* “Reflexive” (or, better said, “Pronominal”) Verbs: an absolute must when talking about personal feelings and sensations, not to mention, among other things, when conversing about most self-directed activities.

* Regular Verbs in the Simple Past Tense (and some essential irregulars): learn to talk about and practice sharing what you did yesterday or last night, for example, or over the weekend, and/or years ago! Learn essential vocabulary and phrases that naturally go with this skill as well… Break free of referring only to the present and future!

* Indirect Object structure galore!:  rediscover, deepen and broaden what you know about one of the Spanish language’s most useful (and most ubiquitous) tools for expression. Remember “gustar”? That’s only the tip of the iceberg. The Indirect Object Structure is a sort of Swiss Army knife for communicating in Spanish! One tool, many applications.

* More Compound Sentence Structures:  learn more about and practice how to link your ideas so that your Spanish blossoms into how you speak your native language — not just in simple, choppy sentences, but in longer and fuller connected clauses and sentences.

Can’t wait to see you in class!