Method and Madness

The CASA Method
Spanish & English for Work, Play and Life

At CASA, students benefit from our director and lead teacher’s native proficiency as a speaker of both Spanish and English, and from his extensive professional experience. Born in Santiago de Cuba, and raised in the States, Arturo Arabitg has more than two decades of experience as a teacher, interpreter and translator of both languages. Starting his career as a language instructor in Miami, FL, Arturo trained in and mastered the instructional techniques of Direct Method, or natural method. The Direct Method is a dynamic approach to teaching whereby only the language you’re learning (that is, the “target” language) is used to demonstrate, explain, and give clues as to meaning. Direct Method is designed to avoid the unnaturalness and mere rote memorization that comes about when a teacher lectures to students in their native language.

With the Direct Method, you get the indispensable advantage of actually speaking in and hearing the language you’re learning from the very first day in class, instead of just discussing rules and grammar in your native language. Through a gradual and thorough process, you begin to understand the language and to speak simultaneously, so you’re not just learning about Spanish (or whatever language you’re studying), but actually thinking in the language and using it as a native does in real life.

Along with its strengths, however, the Direct Method does have weaknesses. It’s not effective in all situations or with all students. So while Arturo (and the teachers he trains at CASA) continues to teach with the Direct Method, over the years, he’s learned to balance these strengths and weaknesses; developing a more eclectic teaching style with Direct Method at its core, but bolstered with other proven techniques such as interpretation, translation, and formal grammatical analysis – all to give the student a clearer, more vivid picture of the phrasing, grammar or vocabulary at hand.

At CASA, our teaching approach fully takes into account that each student is an individual, and that no one method serves all students at all times, so our teachers are trained and are proficient in the “CASA method,” which is adaptable and can be tailored to each individual student’s needs, strengths, goals and expectations.