It Takes You to Tango: Upcoming Marathons & Festivals

Yes, your furnace may still be on (damn this weather!) but, baby, it’s officially Spring (and almost Summer) which means tango festival season’s in full swing.  Here are a few enviable opportunities to meet new dancers, improve technique at useful […]

Milonga Malandraca @ Temple Bar

In honor of composer Osvaldo Pugliese and his daughter – that rascal Beba – CASA’s hosting our first milonga on the famed Cass Corridor at Detroit’s own Temple Bar! ¡Caballero! Let’s dance! Thursday, May 18 @ 8PM!

12 Tips for Learning Spanish

Take baby steps. Start simple and avoid material beyond your level so you’re not overwhelmed. You’ll get there! Be fearless! Make mistakes and keep on trying. Take a Spanish class. Let’s face it: that phrase book is only going to get […]