Argentine Tango

Argentine tango is a dynamic social dance birthed on street corners, in bars and at the docks of late 19th-century Buenos Aires, Argentina. During a period of mass immigration to Río de la Plata, a marginal, urban subculture grew from the mingling of Latin American, African, and European influences. Tango dance and music emerged from a rich and complex interaction of South American, Italian, Polish, Central and West African, and Cuban dance traditions and music – in short, Argentine tango is the original international style.

If you’re among those who believe tango is sexy, you’re not alone – tango can be hotter than a jalopy in a Miami summer. However, the dance doesn’t just inspire passion, but also deep meditation and a playful exploration of rhythm and space, all of which have contributed to its survival decade after decade. While most people are accustomed to seeing tango de escenario (stage tango), CASA’s program emphasizes milonguero and tango de pista styles, which are danced socially and enjoy the global appreciation of professional performers and instructors.

Detroit Tango Dojo

Located in the City of Detroit, MI, Detroit Tango Dojo is dedicated to the cultivation, promotion and dissemination of Argentine Tango music, dance and culture.  We welcome tango dancers of all levels to come learn, share and grow with a curious, friendly and hungry tango community in Detroit.  Our workshops and practices are largely dedicated to improving fundamentals and technique as the basis of overall growth in social tango.

 As a branch of CASA, Dojo is established on the conviction that Argentine Tango is by its very nature an institution for collectively created art; and as such, it feeds its dancers, DJs, musicians and aficionados not just individually, but as members of a community without which Argentine Tango itself would not exist.

Workshops take place at Ponyride on Sundays from 1:30PM to 4:00PM!

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All activities and exercises conducted by CASA JOHNSON ARABITG (“CASA”) and DETROIT TANGO DOJO (“DOJO”)are optional for each individual student and participation is solely at the discretion of the individual participant. The process of learning to dance tango involves both physical and emotional stress and the health and well-being of each participant is their own responsibility. By participating in CASA or DOJO classes and events, the participant agrees to take full legal, medical, and any other form of responsibility for incurred injuries, as CASA or DOJO shall not be held responsible for any physical or emotional damages incurred during the process of learning or dancing tango.