12 Tips for Learning Spanish

Madrid Atocha Train Station (Estación de Atocha)
  1. Take baby steps. Start simple and avoid material beyond your level so you’re not overwhelmed. You’ll get there!
  2. Be fearless! Make mistakes and keep on trying.
  3. Take a Spanish class. Let’s face it: that phrase book is only going to get you so far.  Accelerate your learning with expert instruction by an experienced Spanish teacher. Here at CASA, 12-week group classes are always forming, and private and semi-private Spanish lessons are also available.
  4. Be consistent. Do at least one Spanish activity daily, even if it’s reading a shampoo bottle or guilty-pleasure celebrity news in Diez Minutos.
  5. ¡Abre la boca! Join a Spanish conversation group! CASA hosts a Spanish meet-up in Detroit every Saturday – and it’s free for current CASA students!
  6. ¡Abre los ojos! Get in the habit of describing people, places and things you see in Spanish.
  7. Be playful. Improve your writing with imaginative stories, poems and songs. Why not try memorizing that Prince Royce jam?
  8. “Friend” a native speaker. Find a conversation partner. Spanish is a living language! Conversation practice with a native speaker will improve your comprehension and ability to generate Spanish naturally. Visit ConversationExchange.com or check postings at your local library.  Start by meeting your partner one hour weekly (30 minutes in English and 30 minutes in Spanish) and offer friendly correction to your language partner. Remember always to exercise caution and good common sense, and meet via Skype or in a public place such as a café or park.
  9. ¡Abre los oídos! Tune into Spanish-speaking radio, TV and podcasts, like Notes in Spanish and Spanish Podcast.
  10. Travel. Immersion = total engagement with the language. There’s never been a better excuse to use those vacation days.
  11. Make memories. Keep a Spanish journal, but cap daily entries at 100 words each.
  12. Study. The imperfect subjunctive is learned in stages, not by osmosis.

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